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teenage girl reading torah at her bat mitzvah

Plenty of families are now in the midst or were starting to plan their children’s bar or bat mitzvahs before we were staying at home. Here’s what parents can and should be doing to continue planning while quarantined.

Focus on the overall concept without signing contracts.

If you’re just getting started, this is the time to think about the big picture. Be inspired by perusing Instagram and Pinterest to focus on the design of the celebration without signing contracts or putting down deposits. Discuss themes and games with your child. The dreaming phase is a great time to think creatively. What are your son's or daughter’s interests? Look for celebration inspiration for the design, entertainment, and stationery that speaks to your child.

Event planner prepping decor for a b'nai mitzvah

Learn more about event pros in your area.

If you are not yet working with a planner or day-of coordinator, take this time to get to know your neighborhood vendors. Understanding the businesses of your event pros will help you have a better experience on the day of the mitzvah. We love talking about our work.

Place flexible holds on vendors you love.

See if vendors you like would be open to placing soft holds to secure them for the future, without signing a contract or putting down a deposit. Everything is changing daily, so it isn’t the best time to adhere to deadlines.

Entertainer at Bat Mitzvah

2021 mitzvah families, proceed with your plans.

If you are planning a bar or bat mitzvah in 2021, please book your high priority vendors like your venue, planner, photographer, DJ, catering, and florals. The 2020 postponements mean that fewer 2021 weekends are going to be available—waiting to book may leave you to find that a vendor on your ‘must-have’ list is no longer available.

Work on mitzvah-related lists.

With more time on your hands, now is a great time to work on your guest list, photo shot list, music selection, candle lighting list, and gather images for the montage!

Zoom meetings or Facetime calls are the way to go.

We find that Zoom meetings are super productive. Gather your family and set up video calls with all the vendors you have in place. Meet your emcee, choose your swag and even your invitations, menus, seating cards, and thank you notes. Anything visual can be done on Zoom.

Do what feels right.

We are all in this together. Do what feels right for you at this time. Whether that means firming up your plans or just researching ideas, there’s no right or wrong way to proceed. Keep in mind that hiring an event planner at a time like this could be invaluable. A seasoned New York City event planner can negotiate the terms of your contracts and leverage relationships with venues and vendors to get you the best terms and pricing.

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