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Personal Touches for Holiday Entertaining: How to Infuse Your Style

Hey there,

Let’s talk about throwing a holiday party that feels like a scene out of your own festive holiday movie. The key? Personal touches that make your guests feel like they’ve stepped into a celebration that’s uniquely yours.

Begin by infusing your space with echoes of your holiday joys. Are you a fan of the classic Nutcracker ballet? Let those charming nutcracker soldiers stand guard on your mantel or greet guests at the door. If your heart belongs to the snowy slopes of Deer Valley, drape sheepskins over your chairs and purchase some black and red plaid linens for that chic ski lodge vibe. Or, if Paris has your soul, why not bring a touch of French elegance to your dessert table with a glistening galette des rois to share a slice of your tradition?

holiday winter party with a cozy ski-lodge feel

Drinks are where you can really get creative. Serve a signature cocktail that’s a nod to your personal holiday narrative—hosting a Nutcracker-themed bash? How about a ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ cocktail with a hint of lavender or a ‘Nutcracker’ Negroni with almond liqueur for a rich and nutty twist? If it’s a ski lodge theme, think about something warm, like a spiked hot chocolate garnished with shavings. And for that Parisian twist, a classic French 75 adds just the right amount of sparkle.

To make each guest feel extra special, consider parting gifts. Place a small, beautifully wrapped present for a sit-down dinner at each setting. It doesn’t have to be grand—a miniature bottle of champagne, a tiny nutcracker, or even a beautifully crafted chocolate. If it’s a mix-and-mingle kind of night, have a basket by the door with little gifts that say thank you and Happy Holidays in the most thoughtful way.

Every detail should whisper your story. Let your holiday traditions shine through, whether it’s the music that takes you back to your favorite holiday moments or the scents that remind you of your travels. It’s about creating an atmosphere that’s as warm and inviting as it is personal and unique.

So here’s to holiday entertaining that feels like a warm hug from an old friend, filled with personal touches that make everyone’s spirits bright.

Warmest wishes and chic celebrations,



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